Technical Skills

  • Can write working programs using functions and classes.
  • Can use packages such as pandas, numpy, scipy, scikit-learn etc. to perform data analysis and build machine learning models.
  • Can create data visualizations using matplotlib, seaborn etc.
  • Can create geo-mapping visuals with folium and other plugins.
  • Can build automation tools 
  • Can deploy programs on the web using streamlit.
  • Can perform data analysis  (statistical, inferential, sensitivity etc.) using functions, formulas and other built-in tools to get important insights from raw data.
  • Can create visualizations such as tree plot, bar chart, pie chart, X-Y plots etc.
  • Can do data cleaning and filter out necessary data.
  • Can write queries to retrieve data and automate the data filtering process.
  • Can write queries to filter out, clean and analyze data to get meaningful insights.
  • Can perform optimization of queries to make data retrieval process faster.
  • Can create and design engaging presentations and posters to articulate a subject.
  • Can create visualization of information using advanced features.

Can create and design documents using basic and advanced features of MS Word.

Can draw process flow diagrams.

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Can simulate processes such as distillation, heat exchangers, reactors etc.

Can simulate processes such as distillation, heat exchangers, reactors etc. and perform material and energy balances.

Create and design documents such as research papers, CVs etc.

Can build, train, and tune machine learning and deep learning models.

Can build, train and tune ML and AI models.

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